Agrini is an education charity based in the forest area of Pench Tiger Reserve in central India. We began operations in 2009 with the main goal of improving the quality of and access to education in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh. 


Over the last 10 years we have worked to innovate, implement and advocate multiple initiatives to ensure quality education for every child. 


First and foremost, we run Agrini Public School in Kurai, a small forest village near Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. The school provides a space for innovation, learning and testing new ideas. Currently we have 172 students from pre-school until standard 8th class, but are expecting up to 200 students next academic year. This academic year there are 13 teachers and 2 fellows working at the school. We also see it developing as a community school in the future.


Secondly, we work with up to 30 neighbouring government and non-government schools. We work with students to promote ideas like experiential learning and to see education as something beyond the classroom. Additionally, we offer teacher training programmes which focus on developing teachers visions and helping them identify a value system for themselves connected to their classroom, derived from the constitution of India and the national curriculum framework.


Lastly, we aim to provide an open space for experimentation, innovation and co-learning for people that are interested in learning and education, trying new things and new ideas, including the use of technology, art and anything which can help improve learning levels.


Bringing technology based education to schools in villages and tribal areas across India

Ensuring community participation in local governance

Facilitating self-employment measures whereby ensuring migration reduction in rural areas


Agrini relies on the support of its fantastic partners and associations.

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