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There are a number of ways how you can get involved and support Agrini's mission, whether you want to send some donations, sponsor a classroom or volunteer with us. 


You’ve probably heard of child sponsorships. Most education charities offer the option to sponsor a child to support their education and sometimes even food and access to healthcare. However, to support our students we have decided on a different concept. Rather than using child sponsorships we will be offering class sponsorships. This is because we don’t want to use the vulnerability of children and we want to be inclusive. By collectively raising funds for an entire class, rather than an individual, we are not excluding any child and are supporting the idea of equity.

Why do we need your help?

Due to our remote location in central India, we have limited access to funding. Donating to a smaller organisation like ours, allows the total amount to go directly to the charity and thus, will directly benefit the class supported and the education of up to 20 children. Currently, the teachers are working at a very low wage and the operating costs of the school are hardly being covered, but due to the work ethic and continued support of our teachers and volunteers, we have managed to survive until now.

What have we achieved so far?

With some external support and a lot of internal investment, so far we have managed to build an entire school, with 9 classrooms, an office and a library. We have been able to collect resources such as computers and books. Agrini Public School currently has 3 pre-school classes and offers standard 1st to 8th class.

How does it work?

It’s pretty much the same a child sponsorship. You can donate monthly or annually towards a classroom, which will go towards the education for children in one class, including school fees, transport to and from school, school uniforms and other classroom specific needs. You can support a class for a minimum of one year, with the option to support the chosen class until they graduate.
Each class requires 20 supporters at the monthly rates shown in the table.
Entire class sponsorships are also possible, which are more suitable for organisations or groups.

Communicating with your class

You can communicate with your class as much as you like, as we can arrange letters, email contact and even video calls. The class will send letters for holidays and festivals and updates will be sent regularly, including photos and videos. Additionally, achievements and results will be communicated, as well as developments that were made possible through your donation.

Visit us and volunteer

Of course you also have the option to visit Agrini Public School and your class anytime. We are happy to arrange your stay here and various activities in the area. More information on volunteering  can be found below.


Come and stay with us to support quality education and discover wildlife and conservation in the jungle.

The three pillars of our programme are 

Volunteers will be able to spend some time in the school, hosting conversational sessions with teachers and with classes or smaller groups of students. You can set your own objectives according to your interests, skills and the school’s needs. For example, our last volunteer worked on a waste management system with the students, focusing on climate change and protecting the environment and also hosted a Halloween celebration, focusing on diversity around the world. You can also spend time gaining unique insights from local stakeholders on conservation and sustainability. Additionally, there are a number of fun activities in the area, such as a safari at Pench Tiger Reserve and other longer trips that can be organised, such as to Khajuraho Temples.

Teach & support children & teachers

Make a difference

Learn culture & conservation

Expected Costs

We can arrange accommodation, food, transportation and anything else you desire. Let us know your needs and when you want to come and we can send you a cost overview. The only things you will have to organise yourself are your flights, your visa and insurance.


If you are interested in fundraising for us before you come here, you can let us know how we can support you with that. Some of our previous volunteers have raised up to 200,000 rupees. See the Donate section below for more information.


Due to our remote location, collecting funds is not easy. We always need additional donations to cover our costs and projects that we are working on. To find out more about our current needs and how you can support us, contact us using the form below.

School supply collections

We collect school supplies annually via Every June, before school starts we try to collect enough school supplies to last us the year. Check back around then to donate.

Fundraise for us

If you believe in our cause and want to raise money for us, we will provide you with any support you need. Whether you are running a marathon, hosting an event or just want to fundraise online, get in touch. 
For example, one of our volunteers raised around 200,000 rupees this year through online fundraising and a garage sale.


If you want any more information on the topics above, or want to get involved, contact us here.

How can you help?

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