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A young postman who is a part-time social Entrepreneur

India has a plenty of social labels for people, we love defining ourselves. We love categorizing and we love to “fit in”. We love to fit into castes, lines, festivals, religions, movie star fan-clubs, skin colors, food rules and what not! One such line is the Below Poverty Line. And one such category is the Scheduled Caste. When Naveen was born in the village of Dunda Seoni, he didn’t know he would be fit into these two brackets. He grew up to be a smart student and was one of the first persons to take the responsibility of starting a Shikshalaya (a knowledge resource center) in his village. He not only initiated this center along with his friends but also volunteered for 2 regular years to run this center. During these years Naveen excelled at studies and also helped his school juniors in their academics. He organized various events for students and prepared for different competitive exams. He successfully secured a job in Indian Postal Services and is now posted in Mavai Block of Mandla district. Naveen with his full time job with postal department is also running a resource center with the help of a gram panchayat where computer education and library facilities are available for rural/tribal students free of cost. Naveen has proved that boundaries and labels cannot stop your determination.

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