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Agrini consists of a small team of young people, accompanied by a big pool of volunteers. We believe in an open reporting structure, where everyone is answerable to themselves first and then to the organisation. Along with this evolved team of people who deeply believe in Agrini's mission, we also have a group of advisors that include academics and experienced mentors.


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Gourav Jaiswal

Gourav is the shortest distance between dreams of social change and reality. Agrini is among his various social ventures. When he’s not busy changing the world around him, Gourav can be found playing cricket with his students.

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Thinker and problem-solver, Shirish is head of operations and logistics.

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Navendu Mishra

Navendu is all humanity wrapped up in one person. Navendu runs a Youth Volunteering non-profit called Open Spaces in Central India. He is a constant innovator in developing off-beat curriculum for children.

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Skilled dancer and choreographer, Narendra explores the use of performing arts in education.

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Mahendra Daharwal

Critical thinker, grassroots specialist Mahendra has completed his PhD. With an amazing understanding of rural India, he has quick and practical solutions for everything.

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Enthusiastic about teaching and learning, Lalit represents the change-seeking youth of today.


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Boston Consulting Group

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Monisha Vemavarapu

Co Founder, Rubaroo

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Priyank Samagra

Policy Research Scholar, IIT Bombay

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